Monday, May 9, 2016

To Market, To Market.....

Like many people in the world , my job is such that I often have to work on the weekends. This usually means that I often miss out on garage sales and flea markets, which are my PASSION. I love the thrill of the hunt, never knowing what you might find that day. I also love going to these events with my Husband because we always make jokes about everything for sale. Whether we end up coming home with treasures or not, its always a great time.
Now, occasionally I get super lucky and end up having a Sunday off from work which usually means we try and cram as much vintage hunting in as we can and the day almost always starts at the local Flea Market. This past weekend and the weekend before last were no exceptions and we hauled ourselves out of bed and into the crammed overflowing isles of trinkets in the arena parking lot.

Lets see what we found!

Two weekends ago......

I have always wanted a really great Mid Century lamp with a fiberglass shade. To me they are the holy grails of vintage houseware/decor collecting. Usually they are way out of my price range (for a casual purchase) and I've never been lucky enough to just stumble across one for a bargain price......until now.

We found this lovely sitting on a table without the shade. I knew I wanted it even if it didn't have the shade with it but lucky for us, the seller produced the original shade from under the table. He had removed it because it was a rather windy day and he didn't want it blowing over. The lamp itself is un marked so I do not know its maker and sadly I am not knowledgeable to know who makes it simply on looks alone. The photo is a little washed out but the lamp is a true turquoise with gold detail and flecking. The shade is of a matching color scheme and neither base or shade has any defects as far as we can see. We happened to get this lamp for QUITE a steal and all I will say is that batting ones eyelashes can get you a very good deal, lol.

We next found these Mid Century plastic glitter flecked chip and dip bowls :

I love anything vintage with glitter so these were not to be passed up, not to mention the price was incredible for all 4 of them in the original wrapping paper. These are a prime example of how I always fall down vintage collecting wormholes. I never set out to collect vintage glitter flecked items but now that I have these bowls I of course want more items just like them to entertain with. I'm horrible.

After the Flea Market we took a swing by a local indoor market we had never been to before. All in all it wasn't a very good market and I doubt we will go back. The one tiny sliver of silver lining is that I found this glass souvenir candy dish from Disneyland tucked away in a dark stall. I snagged it up for under $2, so that's a pretty redeeming find if you ask me.

I happen to have the matching dish from Walt Disney World in my collection already so needless to say I was quite thrilled to find this one. Eventually we plan on dedicating the main hallway of our home to displaying souvenir memorabilia and attraction posters from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Pretty big Disney fans here, just so you know.

There this is this past Sunday.....

I will admit that I woke up feeling a bit off and really wasn't in the mood for treasure hunting but I'm glad I decided to go. We got a later start than usual so I wasn't optimistic that we would find anything left but I was wrong of course.

First I bought these :

These are, to the unfamiliar, a set of ceramic figurines depicting King Henry VIII and his unfortunate six wives. I believe them to be from the 50's but they are not marked as far as I can see. I have done some minor research on them and have found very little. I have found that they are almost identical to a set that was produced by the German company Sitzendorf, with the main differences being a lack of intricate detail and color variations in mine. This leads me to believe that these are copies of the German produced figures made in Japan (I'm guessing). I have not found a single set identical to these online so far but I will keep looking.
I originally saw these at the Flea Market the last time I was there but didn't buy them because they were not cheap at all. I really regretted it and kept talking about them since the day I saw them. I hoped they would be there when I came back and they were! I'm very thankful to my patient and understanding Husband for helping me buy these. A little known fact about me is that I am a HUGE Tudorphile. I love everything to do with the Tudor period of the English monarchy , especially anything to do with Henry VIII , his wives and Queen Elizabeth I. Finding these figures was amazing for me as I hadn't thought something like this existed that wasn't more modernly produced. I am overwhelmingly pleased to add these to my collection.

Next I found this little lady, perilously stuffed in a box and just begging to be rescued :

I immediately knew she was an Ideal doll from the 50's but I wasn't quite sure which doll she was as I usually do not collect dolls like this. When I learned she was just $5 there was no way she wasn't coming home with me. I looked up her markings when I returned home and confirmed that she was indeed made by the Ideal toy company in the 50's and that she is a Toni doll, in the more common 14" size and with the also more common hair and eye color variation. I had a feeling she might be a Toni but I had never actually seen one up close before. I cant wait to restore her, get her some new clothes and sit her on the vintage armchair in my beauty room. Her face is so charming and I've already fallen in love with her!

The same seller as had the following items are rock bottom prices so I couldn't pass them up!

This adorable glass ball pitcher with oranges on it :

I have seen these pitchers before and always liked them so this was a nice little find. I'm very certain I can find the small juice glasses this originally came with on Ebay for a good price.

Also this large yellow Pyrex bowl :

Its in decent condition but that doesn't really concern me as I buy Pyrex to use rather than purely collect. I unfortunately do not have many vintage pieces as the prices asked these days are insane.  I just like to pick them up here and there where I find them for a decent price. Eventually I might shell out the big bucks for some pieces in yellow and turquoise because those are the colors of my new kitchen. I also feel that Pyrex is an investment because they last forever.

That's all folks! All in all I would say I had some pretty great finds lately and I cant wait to see what else is out there. Do you love hitting the Flea Market jackpot? Tell me all about it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Movin' On Up!

The first time I left home to live on my own was when I was 18 and that move,  as QUITE expected, went horribly wrong. Soon enough I was back home again....until the next time.

                                                                 Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

I am now 34 years old, recently married (October 2015) and about to move into our very first house. In the course of time between 18 and 34, I of course lived away from home many time but never in a house and never in a place that was actually mine. As a person who has lived in every conceivable model/location/quality apartment, I am a firm believer that there comes a time in everyone adult life where they make the decision: "Am I a house person or an apartment person?"

Surprisingly there are many people who for various reasons actually prefer apartment living. Not everyone feels they need (or can afford) a house, which is totally understandable, but for me there was never really any question. I am a person who has always been filled with big ideas and my ideas about decorating are no exception. I've always known that to make my ideas a reality that I would need to live in a house. Unfortunately my financial status over the course of my years of independent living have never really afforded me the monetary or personal security of owning a home. This of course led to overstuffed apartments filled with the decorative building blocks of my future "some day" house. Well, overstuffed apartments and a VERY accommodating family who let me store things at home for years on end. Thanks guys. 

Fast forward to present day and here we are, on the verge of our official move in day! After what seemed like forever (and I know in my vast impatience that I am clearly exaggerating) we finally have our official closing date: Friday May 13th . 

For some maybe, but not for me. I have always embraced the day and have always found it somewhat lucky. Friday the 13th is one of my favorite horror movie franchises, I own a black cat and I even have a tattoo (which I had done on Friday the 13th a few years ago) of a black kitty perched atop a number 13. I've got this covered. 
I actually find it quite auspicious that the closing date was set on Friday the 13th by total coincidence. Its kismet I tell you. 

Here it is :

Built in 1974, it has : 5 bedrooms, an eat in kitchen, 3 full bathrooms, a finished basement with a fireplace, backyard with a deck and a 2 car garage, 

Say hello to our little blank canvas, and oh the places we'll go!