Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Movin' On Up!

The first time I left home to live on my own was when I was 18 and that move,  as QUITE expected, went horribly wrong. Soon enough I was back home again....until the next time.

                                                                 Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

I am now 34 years old, recently married (October 2015) and about to move into our very first house. In the course of time between 18 and 34, I of course lived away from home many time but never in a house and never in a place that was actually mine. As a person who has lived in every conceivable model/location/quality apartment, I am a firm believer that there comes a time in everyone adult life where they make the decision: "Am I a house person or an apartment person?"

Surprisingly there are many people who for various reasons actually prefer apartment living. Not everyone feels they need (or can afford) a house, which is totally understandable, but for me there was never really any question. I am a person who has always been filled with big ideas and my ideas about decorating are no exception. I've always known that to make my ideas a reality that I would need to live in a house. Unfortunately my financial status over the course of my years of independent living have never really afforded me the monetary or personal security of owning a home. This of course led to overstuffed apartments filled with the decorative building blocks of my future "some day" house. Well, overstuffed apartments and a VERY accommodating family who let me store things at home for years on end. Thanks guys. 

Fast forward to present day and here we are, on the verge of our official move in day! After what seemed like forever (and I know in my vast impatience that I am clearly exaggerating) we finally have our official closing date: Friday May 13th . 

For some maybe, but not for me. I have always embraced the day and have always found it somewhat lucky. Friday the 13th is one of my favorite horror movie franchises, I own a black cat and I even have a tattoo (which I had done on Friday the 13th a few years ago) of a black kitty perched atop a number 13. I've got this covered. 
I actually find it quite auspicious that the closing date was set on Friday the 13th by total coincidence. Its kismet I tell you. 

Here it is :

Built in 1974, it has : 5 bedrooms, an eat in kitchen, 3 full bathrooms, a finished basement with a fireplace, backyard with a deck and a 2 car garage, 

Say hello to our little blank canvas, and oh the places we'll go!

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